Manual Transmission Service

Manual Transmission Service


How often  should my manual transmission service be performed?

A brief look at what a transmission is, its importance and how often it should be done will help you understand why you don’t want to overlook this. The thing about manual transmissions is they use less fuel and give your more control. Many people prefer a vehicle with a clutch and stick shift for these reasons. But another reason you probably chose a vehicle with a manual transmission is they cost less.  That’s because they are designed differently from automatic transmissions. In fact, a manual transmission also requires less maintenance. That saves you even more money.

Working on these kinds of transmissions are a lot easier too. So, the cost of repairing manual transmissions is much lower.


What Is A Manual Transmission Service?

A manual transmission is another name for standard transmission. If you have clutch and stick shift, you have a manual transmission.  The fluid in this type of transmission doesn’t have to be replaced as often as it does in automatics. Nevertheless, if you notice a leak under your vehicle it’s best to have it checked out before things get out of a hand. If your transmission fluid is low it can be replenished.  If your clutch is slipping with it’s not pressed to the floor you should see about a manual transmission service immediately. Waiting too long can result in your having to replace the clutch.
The manual transmission fluids are used by the mechanic to provide the perfect lubrication to the shafts, gears, and other internal components. Pressure, heat and fiction can gradually and steadily break down the manual transmission fluid additives. Further, small metal particles break off from the gears as the vehicle is under motion, these particles get to mix with the transmission fluid. Water can also contaminate the fluids.

The manual transmission service for a vehicle should include removal of the used old manual transmission fluid. After removal of the old fluid, manufacturers recommended manual transmission fluid is added. Note that the replacement must be in the right quantity, and right type of fluid.


How Often Does My Manual Transmission Need To Be Serviced?

It recommended that one goes with the vehicle maintenance manual. Manual transmission fluid change depends on the make of the vehicle, how the owner uses the car and the fuel type. You do not want to wait until the fluid is black. Do not however change the manual transmission fluid too frequently as this would be an unnecessarily expense.

Importance of Manual Transmission Fluid Change

Negligence can sometimes prove to be very expensive. A car a special asset, it carries peoples lives around, one must properly care for the car for it to take care of the owner in return. Regularly maintaining the car and going for the manufacturer’s recommended services is cost effective in the long run. Avoiding regular transmission service could lead to huge car damages for instance waiting until the transmission fluid is black could call for change of the whole gear system.

Manual transmission service enhances vehicle lifespan. And performing regular service can help prevent costly repairs in the future and give you peace of mind knowing you won’t get stranded somewhere.