Automatic Transmission Service

Automatic Transmission Service


Automatic automatic service is vital if you want to avoid costly repairs. If you neglect the required service at the intervals in your owners manual you may begin experiencing problems with your automatic transmission. What many people do not understand is, once you neglect your automatic transmission you could end up with costly repairs because it is one of the most expensive components to repair in our vehicles.

Basically, automatic transmissions have hundreds of parts and several assemblies that are constantly working while you are driving. As you can imagine, over time these parts will begin to wear. Your automatic transmission fluid will become contaminated. And, if you have a leak your transmission will begin experiencing a number of problems.

Automatic Transmission Fluid

An automatic transmission fluid is basically a hydraulic fluid that cleans, cools as well as lubricates the internal parts of the transmission. It is important to note that, once one internal component fails, it leads the other components to work harder and wear faster. This is the reason why it is so important to check your transmission fluid level and consistency on a regular basis. A little effort now goes a long way to avoiding costly repairs.

More often, automatic transmission fluid is overworked as it cleans, cools and lubricates. When this happens, it will deteriorate and it will not have the ability to do the job that it’s designed  to do. But the question that many vehicle owners ask is, how often should the automatic transmission be serviced?

How Often Should I Service My Automatic Transmission?

This  depends on the make and model of your vehicle and how you use it. The automatic transmission of a certain vehicle that accelerates and decelerates more than usual, requires more attention. That’s obvious.  Another key factor to consider that affects the automatic fluid service is the operating temperature.

However, it is really crucial to replace the fluid as required, at the manufacturer’s or dealer’s service intervals if not more often. Some vehicle manufacturer suggest that you can go for more than 50,000km with the same fluid, while there other manufacturers who claim that they have developed an automatic transmissions that never require fluid changes! But I tend to differ; this is because, it is very sensible to have your automatic transmission fluid checked.

Transmission Service and Repair Shop

It is highly recommended that your automatic transmission should be serviced in a competent transmission repair shop according to Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association, or ATRA.  Advanced Transmission and Gear is a member of ATRA. What that means is you can trust us with your automatic transmission service. This is what we do.   Paying for regular transmission fluid checks  will save you thousands of dollars in the long run; a very good investment indeed.