Transmission Service

Transmission Service


Servicing your transmission is very important because it will increase the life of your transmission.  Automatic transmissions especially need to be serviced according to the manufacturers recommendation.  Manual transmission are a little different in this respect.

Transmission Fluid

Regular transmission service  helps in automatic transmission fluid efficiency.  You see, the gears in your transmission deliver power from the engine to the drive wheels and this helps in shifting it automatically in order to provide the best power as well as efficiency for driving conditions. There is a special transmission fluid that lubricates and cools the gears. With time, this fluid degrades and its qualities for lubricating diminishes.

In order to maintain its efficiency, it’s very important to get transmission service by changing the fluid at the correct intervals in order to prevent premature wear as well as damage that come from the transmission. By removing the old transmission fluid and replacing it with new transmission fluid, you will maximize the life of your transmission and save money.

Transmission Filter

A transmission service also includes replacing the automatic transmission filter which can become clogged with contaminants from normal wear and tear. Removing  old fluid and filters from your transmission  eliminates the contaminants that can cause costly damages to your damages and put undue stress on your engine.  The internal components of the engine do not overheat and become damaged.

By taking your vehicle in for transmission service as recommended in your owners manual you will extend its life. So, the old transmission filter is replaced as well as the old gasket material. By refilling the transmission fluid with a new automatic transmission fluid, it is kept at the right level and your car will run smoothly for years to come. When the transmission  fluid is kept clean and at the right level your engine will not have to work too hard.

Transmission Service Benefits

So don’t neglect having regular transmission service performed. In the end you will save a lot of money if you don’t. You know what they say. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is one of those areas where that is totally true.

Automatic transmissions and manual transmissions are different. Therefore, the maintenance required is also different. The important thing to remember is whether you have an automatic or stick shift, perform regular maintenance as prescribed and you will benefit by saving a lot of money compared to a transmission repair.